Kylie Deer ’22, a biochemistry and molecular biology graduate, was recently awarded the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) Certification with Distinction, Chapman University’s first of its kind. Of the 1,052 students in ASBMB-accredited programs that took the exam nationwide, 450 (42.8%) achieved certification and a total of 122 of these (11.6% of the total) achieved certification with distinction.

Chapman received accreditation from ASBMB in 2019 which allowed Chapman students to take the certification exam. The ASBMB Certification is an exam designed to test the students’ knowledge in biochemistry and molecular biology at the end of their curriculum before they graduate with their degree. In order for a student to achieve certification on the exam, the student must answer at least eight of eleven core questions on the exam at a level of proficient or highly proficient.  For a student to achieve certification with distinction, the student must answer at least ten of eleven core questions at a level of proficient or highly proficient.

“Achieving certification with distinction on the ASBMB exam attests to my strong knowledge and understanding of core biochemistry and molecular biology concepts, thus highlighting the amazing instruction I’ve had from Schmid professors at Chapman. I aim to establish a R&D career in the molecular biology industry to put this knowledge to use and help advance science,” said Deer.

With this certification, Kylie receives a year-long membership to ASBMB. Congratulations Kylie!