Join us in welcoming our new additions to our Schmid College faculty!

Sonja Cwik, Ph.D.​ (she/her)​, Assistant Professor, Physics

Dr. Cwik received her doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh. Her research specializes in physics education, mentorship and workshops. ​ She previously investigated gender differences in students’ motivational beliefs and inclusiveness of the learning environment in introductory physics courses for bioscience majors.


Rebecca Glineburg, Ph.D.​, (she/her)​, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Coming from the University of Michigan, Dr. Glineburg was a postdoctoral fellow in neurology. Her research investigates how cellular stress regulates RAN translation in a number of neurodegenerative disease models.

Patrick Hunnicut, Ph.D.​ , he/his)​, Assistant Professor, Environmental Policy

Dr. Hunnicutt received his doctorate at the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, and formerly was a USIP Peace Scholar Fellow.​ His research investigates the political effects of shortages in environmental goods and services, such as clean water and reliable electricity, and how to design institutions that strengthen the government’s capacity to provide environmental goods and services.

John Howell, Ph.D.​, (he/his)​, Professor, Physics, IQS

Coming from the Hebrew University, Dr. Howell is an expert in quantum optics, quantum information, precision measurements, and all manner of optical imaging.