Faculty Profiles: Dr. Jason Keller and Dr. Cassandra Medvedeff Zalman

April 3, 2017 by | Profiles

Dr. Jason Keller and Dr. Cassandra Medvedeff Zalman want to know how wetlands interact with climate change. To find out, they run a fun, innovative research group known as the #SwampMonsters. “It turns out that wetlands play a really important role in regulating the Earth’s climate,” they say. “These ecosystems store an estimated quadrillion pounds of carbon in


Student Profile: Alex Himstead

March 16, 2017 by | Profiles

Alex Himstead (Bachelor of Science Biology/Biological Science, ‘17) is an emerging scientist intrigued by the human mind and fascinated by its complexity. The mind, he says, “is responsible for our consciousness, which in my opinion is the most remarkable thing in the world.” As a SURF Fellow, Alex teamed up with Dr. Bill Wright, a marine biology professor


Faculty Profile: Dr. Keykavous Parang

March 16, 2017 by | Profiles

Dr. Keykavous Parang–Professor and Associate Dean of Research, Graduate Studies and Global Affairs in the School of Pharmacy–is especially interested in the areas of medicinal chemistry and drug delivery. “The emphasis of my research lies at the interface between chemistry and biology with specific projects being focused in the fields of organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, nanomedicine,


Faculty Profile: Dr. Kelli Fuery

March 8, 2017 by | Profiles

Dr. Kelli Fuery, Assistant Professor in Film Studies, is especially interested in film, media, cultural studies, and psychoanalytic theory. “My research has always been interested in how different theories of psychoanalysis and cultural studies can help us think about the experience of looking at or watching images, whether that is time-based–cinema, television, gaming, photography, or painting,”


Student Profile: Robert Shumaker ('17)

February 23, 2017 by | Profiles

As a creative writing major at Chapman University, Robert Schumaker (‘17) actively participates in a number of creative endeavors, most recently serving as the editor-in-chief of Calliope, the university’s student art and literary magazine. Robert also writes poetry and has been practicing this craft seriously for the past three years, both in and out of classes.


Student Profile: Kayla Velloso

January 24, 2017 by | Profiles

Kayla Velloso is an emerging filmmaker with a passion for documentary films. In 2015, she participated in Chapman University’s Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program, where she conducted research for a feature length documentary film project entitled Hillbilly. The SURF program offers undergraduate students a unique opportunity to pursue research and creative activity with the


Profiles: Natalie Tom

January 12, 2017 by | Profiles

Natalie Tom (’17) wants you to leave your burgers in the fridge for as long as possible. That’s why she spent last summer researching the possibility of extending the shelf life of beef patties with the use of mushrooms.  She was able to dedicate her time and energy towards her research through the


Profiles: Bryce Cyrier

January 5, 2017 by | Profiles

Producing a film, even a short film, is chaotic work. Bryce Cyrier, a senior at the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, learned this the hard way. Majoring in Creative Producing, he has been working on a short film called The Eleventh for nearly a year. The film takes place on September


Profiles: Ali Sidun

December 14, 2016 by | Profiles

              Ali Sidun (’16) is an Environmental Science & Policy major, who, not coincidentally, enjoys spending time at the Corona Del Mar tide pools. In fact, this Hawaii native chose to attend Chapman University, in part, because it was as much like her home state

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