Book cover for The Gospels of the MarginalizedThe Gospels of the Marginalized
, the final book of the late Professor Marv Meyer, has been released by Cascade Books.

Reviewers praise the book, which explores some of the major topics of Meyer’s renowned study and research of ancient Christian texts, for its fresh analysis of the Gospels of Thomas, Mary and Judas.

“In this new book Marvin Meyer displays two sides of his rare and peculiar genius: competence and creativity. Few scholars have a grasp of the technical challenges posed by these gospels equal to Meyer’s, and fewer still would dare to bring that expertise to bear on a project that is part scholarship and part creative fiction. For anyone ready to re-imagine the beginnings of Christianity,
The Gospels of the Marginalized
will offer a feast of delights,” says Stephen J. Patterson, author of the
The Fifth Gospel: The Gospel of Thomas Comes of Age.

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