The Guggenheim Gallery at Chapman University is pleased to present Thank You Come Again, Monday, April 14-Friday, April 18, 2014 (closing reception on Thursday, April 17, 2014 from 7-9 p.m.).

This survey of work from the Bachelor of Fine Arts seniors has a common focus on physical, virtual, and implied spaces. The exhibition showcases the individual practices of the artists ranging from painting and photography to installation and video.

An environment is what our mind perceives as the physical elements outside of our bodies. It is the combination of our senses that allows us to perceive our individual realities. The “white cube” allows us to experience art as an entity seemingly separate from the outside world. It is a reality, which exists on its own time and by which the artists have created their own spaces. While some of the work requires viewer interaction and participation to evoke meaning, much of the work in this show depicts a space that exists elsewhere at a different time. Beyond the physical and implied space, there is a communal space that exists in the virtual world that has become recognizable due to its accessibility. This exhibition brings all spaces together in the gallery, reminding us where we exist in time and space.


Theo Niarchos was born in the south of France in 1991. He was raised in Paris until the age of 13, when he radically moved to Hawaii. This extreme change of lifestyle and surroundings were able to give him very different and opposite experiences and perspectives that he attempts to tie-in in his work today. The natural and un-natural, the material and the immaterial, the fake and the real, the conscious and unconscious… are all elements that Theo takes In and transfers through his studies.

Julie Russo is an installation and video artist based in Orange County, California. Her work reflects her investigation into the relationships between art and science, and the human interaction with technology. Julie Russo has shown at Chapman University’s Guggenheim Gallery in several group shows including 1000 Onethousand Art (2013), and student juried exhibitions #HASHTAG (2013), Joy Division (2013) and a solo show in the Flaboheim Project Room Warped Spaces (2012). Russo has been involved with a collaborative project that has shown her work in (en)Gendered (in)Equity at the West Los Angeles College Art Gallery and will be showing at For Your Art in March 2014.

Jennifer Seo lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. She is on the verge of receiving her B.F.A. from Chapman University. She prefers to do large scale paintings. In her painting practice, she communicates to the viewer an immersive experience. Her paintings utilize visual devices walking the line between abstraction and layered geometrical/architectural forms yet energized with dynamic textures and colors. The work negotiates a visual harmony not only with natural and unnatural elements, but also with the balance of her own relation and state of being within it.

Dylan Trumbull is an artist who is currently learning and making work out of Orange, California. Originally born and raised in Irvine in 1992 he is attending now Chapman University where he is in his last semester in earning his B.F.A in Studio Arts with an emphasis in photography. His artistic practice is very open, as he explores different mediums. Dylan works in photography, video, and performance. Dylan Trumbull’s work often explores the physical body and relations to athleticism, abstraction attempting to use shape, line, color and time to change the viewers way in looking, and institutional critique.

Ethan Young was born in Seattle, Washington in 1991.  He is earning a B.F.A. in Studio Art from Chapman University.  With a background in design and technology, Young consistently integrates elements of each into his studio work.  His paintings and installations conceptually surround the post-modern idea of the death of the author, and subsequent emphasis that is then placed on the viewer.  Young produces his work to literally interact with viewers, whether through optical illusion or motion-capture manipulation.  Ethan Young has participated in two group shows in the Guggenheim Gallery at Chapman University (2012-14).