In our survey we asked a random sample of Americans about dozens of concerns and fears across four major domains:

Personal fears & concerns

  • Safety in different spaces
  • Anxiety about one’s future (illness, job stability, etc).
  • Internet-related fears (identity theft, government surveillance, etc).
  • Criminal victimization (murder, mugging, mass shootings, etc).
  • Phobias (clowns, tight spaces, blood, etc).

American’s top 5 personal fears & concerns:

Infographic for What Americans Fear the Most

Fears about government & immigration

  • Concerns about the government (Obamacare, gun control, etc)
  • Concerns about immigration (immigrants cause crime, bring disease, etc).

American’s top 5 concerns about the government and immigration:

Infographic for Top Five Concerns and Worries about Government and Environmental Policy


Concerns about the environment and natural disasters

  • Pollution, rainforest decimation, global warming, etc).
  • Asteroid strikes, earthquakes, volcanoes

Man-made disasters

  • Terrorist attacks, nuclear meltdowns, nuclear attacks, etc.

American’s top 5 feared man-made disasters:

Infographic for Top Five Concerns about Manmade Disasters.