Kara Mendez is an SCC major with a passion for gaming and illustration.

I’m Kara Mendez. I am a second year student at Chapman University, and a proud member of the
Strategic and Corporate Communication major
.  My past spring break plans have often been very boring.  Generally, I’d enjoy my week off and hang out at home, or I’d spend time with family.  This time around, I’m looking forward to being more productive and creative!

For starters, I’ve finally had a chance this semester to start working on my Games Development Programming minor.  Understanding 3D modeling, coding, and how everything affects consumers and developers in the games industry has interested me for years.  I’m absolutely pumped to spend time learning some of the wonderful software programs available to Chapman students – namely, 3Ds Max, Maya, Mudbox, and Unity.  My plans also include working on my illustration skills.

Outside of class entirely, I create digital art, in the form of illustration.  Essentially, it’s taking a blank canvas in Photoshop and painting something with digital brushes.  It’s far from making a model’s skin look impossibly smooth!  Overall, I’m ready to finally have a fun, creative, and arguably relaxing spring break.