The past decade has seen an upturn in global complex humanitarian emergencies. Armed conflict, authoritarian governance, human rights violations, natural disasters, and environmental deterioration have spiraled into complicated panoramas of widespread human suffering and displacement. On Monday, April 9, Wilkinson College and the Master of Arts in International Studies (MAIS) Program hosted a conference at Chapman University giving an in depth discussion on this topic with a panel of experts in this area. Weren’t able to attend? That’s OK. Below you can watch the recorded sessions. Don’t worry, we got you!

Session 1
Voices of the Displaced
Watch session here …

Topic: First-hand experiences of refugees and migrants from Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. Participants shared their stories of displacement linked to war and economic hardship and reflected on how being “on the move” has shaped their personal identities and the future of their communities.

  • Sekombi Katondolo, Causes and Effects of the Displacement in the African Great Lakes Region
  • Oliver Lopez, Undocumented: Higher Education and SoCal Politics
  • Yves Muya, Man without a Country
  • Sarah LeMay, Stories from the Olive Tree Initiative: Displacement among Palestinian Refugees in Jordan and the West Bank
  • Chair/Discussant: Dr. Crystal Murphy, Chapman University


Session 2
Refugees Transforming Europe
Watch session here …

Topic: Panelists explored the responses of European nations to the recent wave of refugees. They discussed how refugees have been received, what responsibilities do European nations have toward refugees and how refugees are transforming concepts of the nation and national identity.

  • Maurizio Albahari, We Haven’t Risked Our Life for Food and Shelter
  • Maytha Alhassen, Refugee Crisis or Opportunity?: An Engaged Witness Account of the Response to Women & Migration in Greece
  • Lilith Mahmud, Our Sea, Our Evil: Liberal Humanism in Postcolonial Europe
  • Justin Richmond, Compounding Dysfunction: How Breakdowns in Niger and Libya Drive Trafficking in Persons
  • Chair/Discussant: Dr. Andrea Molle, Chapman University