In the past few weeks, high-achieving Wilkinson students were recognized with honors in a series of virtual events that constituted this year’s annual award ceremonies. Scroll down for a list of all the 2020 student winners. Congratulations on your well-earned achievements!



Ludie and David C. Henley have been underwriting the Annual Henley Social Sciences Awards Ceremony for over 25 years. The Henley awards celebrate and acknowledge the top academic students within the departments of History, Peace Studies, Political Science, and Sociology.  


Departmental Honors:

Alexander Ballard         Leana Sottile

Nathan Huffine              Robert Kent


History Department Excellence Award:

Robert Kent


Lee Estes Best Conference Paper Award:

Alexander Ballard


Lee Estes Best Senior Thesis Award:

Leana Sottile



Departmental Honors:

Avery Bennett         Hanna Ohaus         Olivia Young

Jacquelin Dang       Claire Treu


Paul Delp Award in Peace Studies:

Claire Treu



Departmental Honors:

Chloe Ann Lee                   Donovan Long Droege                   Jill Kleinkauf                  Ella Scott

Alexander Ballard              Daniel Espiritu                                 Grace Papish                Matthew Vegh

Madison Buss                    Micaela Hurd                                   Kevin O’Connor

Fangxu Chen                     Muhammad Karkoutli                      Hanna Rosenheimer

Phoebe DeVos-Cole          Katherine Khaloo                            Steven Santoro


Political Science Citizen-Scholar Award:

Jill Kleinkauf


Political Science Top Scholar Award:

Muhammad Karkoutli



Departmental Honors:

Austin Adye                   Nicole Han                                   Inaya Shore

Amy Aghajanian            Micaela Hurd                               Corinne Tam

Jacob Bishop                 Summer Khatib                           Andreas Ter-Borch

Dancy Chun                   Ashley Lee                                   Connie Ticho

Lindsay Graves              Norma Mendoza Cavazos          Isabelle Van Gores


Sociology Award for Academic Excellence:

Lindsay Graves                   Corinne Tam



Dulcie and Lawrence Kugelman have been underwriting the Annual Kugelman Arts and Humanities Awards Ceremony for well over 10 years. The Kugelman awards celebrate and acknowledge the top academic students within the departments of Art, English, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and World Languages and Cultures. 


• Art History •

Departmental Honors:

Alyson Brandes                   Elise Jacobsen                   Prabhnoor Kaur


Virginia Purcell Award:

Prabhnoor Kaur


• Studio Art •

Departmental Honors:

LakeLyn Bagge                   Tram Dang                   Sammy Keane

Anya Cappon                      Dara Feller                   Sophie Ungless

Alondra Costilla                   Blake Hilton


Virginia Purcell Award:

LakeLyn Bagge                   Tram Dang


• Graphic Design •

Departmental Honors:

Aimee Bowen                   André Gustafsson                   Derek Shafer                   Amanda White

Ali Carley                           Kaelyn Lustig                           Jasmine Smith                Samantha White

Mackenzie Cathcart         Caitlyn Mumaw                        Taylor Taradash              Yuxuan Wu

Jaycie Frank                      Alexandra Mogelvang            Madalyn Toth                  Yunyun Zhou

Genevieve Geller              Mark Schneider                       Lily Turner


Virginia Purcell Award:

Genevieve Geller                   Derek Shafer


Margo Pawell Award:

Aimee Bowen                   Kaeyln Lustig


Ideation Lab Honors:

Aimee Bowen                                     Kaelyn Lustig

Caitlyn Mumaw (Dwiggins)                Mark Schneider


Ideation Lab Certificates:

Aly Carley                                           Sam White

Genevieve Geller                               Max Xavier

Amanda White



Mel Watson Award for Scholarly and Creative Excellence:

Ally Evans


Outstanding Journalism Student:

Katie Whitman


Outstanding BFA Student:

Maithu Koppolu & Grace Zoerner


Outstanding Literature Student:

Cassie Archer


Outstanding Rhetoric Student:

Janice Yim


Paul Frizler Award for Outstanding MA Student:

Savy Janssen


Terri Brint Joseph Award for Outstanding MFA Student:

Manuel Calvillo De La Garza


Tom Massey Award for Outstanding Dual Degree Student:

Daniel Strasberger


Anna Marie Jardini Award for Service and Achievement:

Natura DePinto                   Matt Goldman



Outstanding Graduating Philosophy Major:

Austin Bohannon                   Nathan Huffine


Mike W. Martin Award for Achievement in Philosophy:

Katelyn Antilla



Departmental Honors:

Jarett Bilash                   Issac Hwang                   Zoe Shapiro


Outstanding Student in Religious Studies:

Jarett Bilash & Zoe Shapiro



French Outstanding Major:

Stephen Krebs                   Alistair Mecke                   Amadea Tanner


Spanish Outstanding Major:

Crosby Tinnuci


Italian Studies Outstanding Minor:

Avery Cardosi                   Sophia Vidali


Chinese Outstanding Minor:

Noel McGuire


Japanese Studies Outstanding Minor:

Sian Rodgers


German Studies Outstanding Minor:

Noelle O’Braitis