Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences students were recently recognized with honors in a series of events that constituted this year’s annual Wilkinson award ceremonies and the 16th annual Campus Leadership Awards.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Cecil F. Cheverton Award Finalists

Left to right: Riya Belani (’24 Sociology minor), Emily Veloz (’24 Political Science major), and Bernadine Cortina (’24 English major, Africana Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Women’s Studies minors).

The Cheverton Award is the oldest and highest undergraduate student honor at Chapman University. Students are not nominated for the Cheverton Award; they are invited to apply by the faculty based on their outstanding academic record. The recipient is selected by a vote of the full Chapman faculty. A gift of the class of 1929, the original bronze Cheverton Award cup remains on exhibit in Argyros Forum along with its successor, a silver bowl. Upon these trophies are engraved the names of all Cheverton awardees since 1929.

  • Roxy Aguilera, ’24 BA Political Science, BA Sociology, Economics minor, University Honors Program, ’25 MA International Studies
  • Bernadine Cortina, ’24 BA English, Africana Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Women’s Studies minors

Gloria and Julian Peterson Award for Outstanding Leadership

The Gloria and Julian Peterson Award is awarded to the outstanding graduating senior who has excelled in scholarship and given distinguished leadership in their dedication to enriching University life. This student must exemplify leadership as represented in at least three of the four pillars that guide Chapman University: Intellectual, Physical, Social, and Spiritual.

  • Emily Veloz, ’24 BA Political Science, Peace Studies minor, University Honors Program

Dr. Jerry Price (Dean of Students) and Bernadine Cortina (’24 English major, Africana Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Women’s Studies minors).

Ronald M. Huntington Award for Outstanding Scholarship

The Ronald M. Huntington Award is presented to the graduating Chapman senior judged to have exhibited the most distinguished record of scholarly accomplishments. Recipients must demonstrate evidence of exemplary scholarly accomplishments well beyond normal classroom activities.

  • Bernadine Cortina, ’24 BA English, Africana Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Women’s Studies minors


James L. Doti Outstanding Graduate Student Award

The James L. Doti Award is the highest graduate student honor at Chapman University and is bestowed upon a graduating masters and doctoral student with a distinguished record of academic accomplishment, scholarly/creative activity, and/or service. Students are not nominated for the James L. Doti Award; they are selected by the faculty based on their outstanding academic record.

  • Audrey Fong, ’24 MA English, MFA Creative Writing

Outstanding Leaders in Each Class Award

Outstanding Student Leaders.

The Outstanding Leader Awards are given to the outstanding leaders in each class (first year, sophomore, junior, senior) for their leadership and dedicated service to the quality of life and community at Chapman University. Excellent and distinguished leadership in at least one facet of university life and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 are required. Nominees for the Outstanding Senior Award must have their degree conferred by August.

Outstanding Wilkinson First Years:

  • Ashley Agatep
  • Austin Aldridge
  • Kaitlyn Clark
  • Gil Lopez Garcia
  • Yasmine Hourie

Outstanding Wilkinson Sophomores:

  • Micah Kim
  • Sydney Chung
  • Cintya Felix
  • Mandy Fang
  • Abigail Harsche
  • Analisa Vavoso

Outstanding Wilkinson Juniors: 

  • Daisy Fernandez-Reyes
  • Rylie Lee
  • Paige Ho
  • Ruthie Weeks
  • Cristina Inboden

Outstanding Wilkinson Seniors: 

  • Michael Pepito
  • Rhyan Warmerdam
  • Bryan Molina
  • Natalia Trejo
  • Ashley Wielenga
  • Riya Belani
  • Willoh Tyler

Henley Social Sciences Award Ceremony

Ludie and David C. Henley have been underwriting the Annual Henley Social Sciences Awards Ceremony for over 25 years. The Henley Awards celebrate and acknowledge the top academic students within the areas of HistoryInterdisciplinary ProgramsPeace StudiesPolitical Science, and Sociology


History Department students winners and faculty.

Departmental Honors:

  • Rachel Gregoire
  • Alejandra Lemus
  • Lauren Moyle
  • Kaitlyn Pasillas
  • Jordan Robbins
  • Kelly Taylor
  • Lauren Villegas

Henley Phi Alpha Theta Service Award

  • Kaitlyn Pasillas

Lee Estes Best Conference Paper Award

  • Kelly Taylor

Lee Estes Best Senior Thesis Award

  • Alejandra Lemus

History Award for Academic Excellence

  • Rachel Gregoire

Peace and Justice Studies

Peace and Justice Studies student winners with Dr. Lisa Leitz (Peace and Justice Studies).

Departmental Honors:

  • Olivia Anderson
  • Mariana Juarez
  • Sabrina Laib
  • Bryan Molina
  • Michael Pepito
  • Grace Richmond
  • Eva Wong

Paul Delp Award in Peace and Justice Studies

  • Bryan Molina

Political Science

Political Science student winners.

Departmental Honors:

  • Roxanne Aguilera
  • Elijah Clark
  • Juhi Doshi
  • Emilie Haskell
  • Dakota Holm
  • Cara Hunter
  • Ruben Lopez-Apodaca
  • Taylor Michel
  • Halle Mitchell
  • Zohal Noorzayee
  • Ethan Oppenheim
  • Lucy Preston
  • Owen Schalk
  • Rose Steele
  • Emily Veloz

Political Science Citizen Scholar Award

  • Roxanne Aguilera

Muhamad Karkoutli Political Science Top Scholar Award

  • Ruben Lopez-Apodaca


Sociology student winners and faculty (left to right): Maximiliano Teruel (’24 Sociology major), Isabel Ward (’24 Sociology major), Melissa Glover (’24 Sociology major) Dr. Chris Bader (Sociology), Eunice Kim (’24 Sociology major), Roxanne Aguilera (’24 Sociology major).

Departmental Honors:

  • Roxanne Aguilera
  • Maya Cogan
  • Angela Garcia
  • Delaney Gibbs-Logue
  • Melissa Glover
  • Eunice Kim
  • Maximiliano Teruel
  • Isabel Ward

Sociology Award for Academic Excellence

  • Roxanne Aguilera

Interdisciplinary Minors

Interdisciplinary minor student winners pictured with Dr. Stephanie Takaragawa (Sociology) far right.

Africana Studies

  • Bernadine Cortina

Asian American Studies

  • Jerry Zou

Creative and Cultural Industries

  • Lauryn Johnson

Disability Studies

  • Janie Batterton

Environmental Studies

  • Seth Karall

Ethnic Studies

  • Emely Menjivar

Health Humanities

  • Sarelle Franco

Latinx and Latin American Studies

  • Leanna Colanino

Law and the Liberal Arts

  • Stephan Yegorov

LGBTQ Studies

  • Jade McDonald

Women’s and Gender Studies

  • Bernadine Cortina

Kugelman Arts and Humanities Awards Ceremony

Dulcie and Lawrence Kugelman have supported the Annual Kugelman Arts and Humanities Awards Ceremony for many years. The Kugelman awards celebrate and acknowledge the top academic students within the departments of Art, English, Religious Studies, and World Languages and Cultures.

Art History

Art History student winners.

Art History Honors:

  • Tayla Grainger
  • Caroline Grinstead
  • Cassady King
  • Sweet Lou Mader Dauk

Purcell Award

  • Tayla Grainger

Studio Art

Studio Art student winners.

Studio Art Honors

  • Katie Carder
  • Hannah Emerson
  • Anna Ledbetter
  • Mya Mannoni
  • Sloan Watson

Purcell Award

  • Sloan Watson

Graphic Design

Graphic Design student winners and faculty.

Graphic Design Honors:

  • Viv Bui
  • Sascha Carter
  • Oona Clarke
  • Anna Coogan
  • Isabella DeFeo
  • Jason Dillon
  • Claire Guardi
  • Sophie Guttman
  • Lisa Hisamura
  • Freddie Molenda
  • Arianna Patterson
  • Marin Pomeroy
  • Olivia Talevi
  • Sophia Tefft
  • Jillian Warren

Purcell Award

  • Oona Clarke

Camastro Hubbell Award

  • Sascha Carter
  • Lisa Hisamura

Margo Pawell Design Award

  • Jason Dillon
  • Claire Guardi


English student winners.

English Honors:

  • Arielle Amador
  • Claire Annino
  • Zoe Calamar
  • Bernadine Cortina
  • Charity Griffin
  • Susan Harding
  • Allison Major
  • Jade McDonald
  • Lauren Moyle
  • Eliana Nava
  • Tegan Rosso
  • Catherine Silva
  • Joie-May Silvers
  • Kelly Taylor
  • Zetta Whiting

Mel Watson Award for Scholarly & Creative Excellence

  • Bernadine Cortina

Scott Marshutz Award for Excellence in Journalism

  • Erika Taylor

Outstanding BFA Student

  • Sam Wilson

Outstanding Literature & Rhetoric Student

  • Charity Griffin

Paul Frizler Award for Outstanding MA Student

  • Sawyer Kelly

Terri Brint Joseph Award for Outstanding MFA Student

Outstanding Religious Studies student winner, Cambria B. Acheson (’24 Religious major).

  • Tlotlo Tsamaase

Tom Massey Award for Outstanding Dual Degree Student

  • Matthew Lemas

Anna Maria Jardini Award for Service and Achievement

  • Joie-May Silvers

Religious Studies

Outstanding Student

  • Cambria B. Acheson

World Languages and Cultures


Outstanding French Students:

World Languages and Cultures student winners in French (left to right): Francesca Hill (’24 French major), Madeleen Sabatier (’24 French major), and Alana McKinnon (’24 French major).

  • Francesca Hill
  • Amanda Weaver

French Honors:

  • Ghen Raz
  • Madeleen Sabatier
  • Olivia Anderson
  • Katerina Wagner
  • Alana McKinnon


World Languages and Cultures student winners in Spanish (left to right): Evelyn Lawrie (’24 Spanish major), Grace Strobel (’24 Spanish major), and Nina Zand (’24 Spanish major).

Outstanding Spanish Students:

  • Evelyn Lawrie
  • Nina Zand

Spanish Honors:

Outstanding student minor winners in World Languages and Cultures (left to right): Tabassom Safari (’24 German minor), Bailey Pradhan (’24 Chinese minor), Lauren Moyle (’24 Italian minor), and Tegan Rosso (’24 Japanese minor).

  • Grace Strobel

Outstanding Minors:

Chinese Minor – Bailey Pradhan

German Minor – Tabassom Safari

Italian Minor – Lauren Moyle

Japanese Minor – Tegan Rosso

Congratulations to all the award recipients!

(Pictured in header: Left to right: Emily Veloz (’24 Political Science major), Riya Belani (’24 Sociology minor), and Bernadine Cortina (’24 English major, Africana Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Women’s Studies minors).