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Students Presented Their Research at the Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences

June 4, 2012 by | POSC

Chapman students Olivia Snow (senior majoring in political science and peace studies) and Kathleen Doll (sophomore majoring in political science and psychology) presented their research at the Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences. Olivia’s paper was entitled, “The Role of Religiosity in the Formation of Foreign Policy Attitudes.” Kathleen presented, “Egalitarianism and Support for Female

Arab Spring Implications One Year Later

April 27, 2012 by | Events

One year after the Arab Spring, James J. Coyle, Ph.D., Director of Global Education, Center for Global Education, and Nubar Hovsepian, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Political Science and International Studies, Wilkinson College of Humanities and Social Sciences, both at Chapman University, present “The Arab Spring: Implications for U.S. Policy” at Town & Gown’s Lunch at

Political Science Professor discusses anti-abortion legislation

April 19, 2012 by | POSC

Recently, Political Science Professor,  Lori Cox Han, was featured in an interview on KJZZ 91.5 Public Radio in Phoenix, Arizona discussing women’s issues with a panel of experts. The topic: Arizona is leader in anti-abortion legislation. Click here to listen to the interview experts-arizona-leader-anti-abortion-legislation

Wilkinson Faculty Keeping Busy

April 17, 2012 by | News

Professor of Political Science, Dr. Lori Cox Han, has been asked to speak as the Spring 2012 Distinguished Guest Lecture for the Saddleback College Emeritus Institute in Laguna Woods on Friday, April 20. Dr. Han will be speaking about the presidential campaign and over 300 people are expected to attend.   Alicia Kozameh, an instructor

Political Science Professor discusses liberal media bias

April 9, 2012 by | News

On April 4, one of our own professors was featured on “White Hot Politics with David Cohen” on Adrenaline Radio on the Internet. Topic of discussion, “Liberal Media Bias-Myth or Reality?” Chapman University’s Lori Cox Han, Professor of Political Science, went head-to-head with Ben Shapiro, editor-at-large of Breitbart.com while Cohen moderated the conversation. Each week

Wilkinson faculty awarded the 2012 Law & Society Assocation’s Dissertation Prize

March 26, 2012 by | POSC

Assistant Professor John Compton in the department of Political Science was awarded the 2012 Law & Society Association’s Dissertation Prize.  His dissertation “A Moral Revolution: Evangelical Reform and the Transformation of American Constitutionalism, 1830-1937” was the unanimous choice of the committee. On behalf of all of us in Wilkinson College, congratulations!  

Dr. Lori Cox

January 31, 2011 by | POSC

Lori Cox Han, Ph.D., professor, Department of Political Science, Wilkinson College, recently published an edited volume titled New Directions in the American Presidency (Routledge, 2011), which takes a current look at the various issues facing the presidency and provides a “state of the art” overview of current trends in the field of presidency research.  David

Professor Hovsepian Stays Busy While On Sabbatical

November 8, 2010 by | News

Prof. Nubar Hovsepian, Political Science and International Studies, is on sabbatical this semester. While on sabbatical, he has traveled extensively to present his work at various venues. In October (6-7) he participated in a conference sponsored by the Georg Eckert Institute Braunschweig, Germany) on: Education and Conflict: Perspectives from Israel/Palestine. In particular he presented a

History majors chosen to read their papers about Nixon

October 26, 2010 by | History

Three of Chapman’s history majors, Mark Johnston, Matthew McCluggage and Kirsten Moore, were chosen to read their papers that responded to the question: “How would Nixon interpret what is happening today?” Johnston’s paper, “The Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty: A Case Study on the Politics of Nuclear Non-Proliferation,” compared Nixon’s struggle with disarming Russia to the current

October 14, 2010 – A Realist’s Perspective on World Events: How Nixon would interpret what is happening today

September 22, 2010 by | News

Richard Nixon, America’s 37th President. On October 14, 2010 Wilkinson College of Humanities and Social Science will host a panel discussion featuring Nixon Scholars in Argyros Forum, room 209 (B&C;). The event is free and open to the public, students, staff and faculty. 2-3:30 p.m.: Nixon Scholars Panel:   Geoffrey Kemp, Director of Regional Strategic Programs at The

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