Many of our original classroom designs did not include lecterns or teaching tables that had accessibility as a foundational goal.  We are in the process of upgrading classrooms and adding motorized adjustable-height tables. In these rooms, keyboards and touch panels are now much more convenient for a majority of users to control and access.

In Beckman 107, the table can be raised or lowered by the touch of a button.

BK-107 lowered

BK-107 adjustable-height desk in the lowered configuration

BK-107 raised

BK-107 adjustable-height table in a raised configuration

BK-107 original instructor

The original BK-107 instructor’s desk

In DeMille 101, the adjustable-height table adds abundant space for the instructor’s laptop and teaching materials as well as reduces the wiring clutter.

DM-101 lowered

DH-101 adjustable-height table in a lowered configuration

DH-101 raised

DH-101 adjustable-height table in a raised configuration

DH-101 original lectern

The original DH-101 Instructor’s Lectern


In Hashinger 150 (Irvine Lecture Hall) the new adjustable-height instructor’s table includes multiple monitors for presentations and Zoom participants.

Irvine lecture hall table

Irvine Lecture Hall’s adjustable-height instructor’s teaching table and control center

Original SC-150 lectern

Hashinger 150’s original lectern and computer station