You must be wondering, who is this “Brittney” and where did she come from? Here’s a little crash course on me; your newest School of Communication Blogger.

Name: Brittney Kuhn

Major: Communication Studies

Cluster: Leadership

Academic Standing: Junior

Transfer: Yes, from Orange Coast College

What else…? I want to meet you! I interview students and faculty alike to blog about as apart of my position working for the School of Communication.

What inspires me? I want to make meaningful connections with my Chapman community and I want you to feel more connected too.

Being a transfer student (and a commuter), arriving at this campus felt big and a bit like I was on my own. Making connections with my fellow classmates and reaching out to professors to find out more about them and what they do has enhanced my experience here and has made our campus a place I look forward to coming to.

I’m not just Blogs and Business, I do value making meaningful connections and although you may not know me yet, I’m sure we have a lot in common. Exams are stressful, the coffee line is way too long, and yes, I am hoping to get my Spring 2020 schedule that I want too.

If you are doing something special here on campus, or have a meaningful story I want to meet you. Let me spotlight you, your projects, and your research.

Want to chat? I’m a great listener, no need to publish/ blog, I’d love to connect with you over a cup of coffee. (We can chat in the longest line ever.)

Adversely, if I hear great things about you, I hope you consider meeting with me and letting me find out more about you and what you do.