Successful executives and entrepreneurs embody this famous sentiment, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Famous athletes spend hours practicing how to hit a game winning shot in a championship game. Mega social media influencers write, shoot, and edit a ton of content before they gain their first 100 followers. All performers know the real work of rehearsal delivers the true joy of a celebrated performance.

The advantage all these winners have isn’t luck or raw talent. It’s their commitment to plan, prepare, practice, and polish their work before making big moves and achieving big goals.

Your internship and career success will be the result of the same process-minded approach. That’s why we encourage you to start early with career advising.

By using time to your advantage, you can craft, revise, and polish the ideal resume and cover letters. We can get your LinkedIn profile in shape. And, those are just some of the fundamentals of what you need to succeed in today’s job market. Working together, we can reflect on your community service activities, volunteer positions, club or sports experience, and even your coursework to help illuminate the achievements that attract the right internships and job offers.

We also develop the ideal and authentic answers to commonly asked job interview questions and role-play your answers so you feel confident and poised. Plus, we develop work samples, request recommendations, help you build your network, and get informational interviews so you are the best prepared candidate you can be.

And we get you ready for video-based interviewing, where looking your best – and having the right setting, lighting, and sound all really matter.

You also might want guidance on career discovery, which includes researching new industries, jobs, and sectors that might be perfect for you. That requires some meaningful conversations about your genuine interests, talents, and aspirations.

This investment of time and effort is the safe strategy when it comes to finding internships, jobs, and the right career path. Think of getting an early start with career advising as “career insurance.” Just like an elite athlete’s training regimen supervised by a coach, it’s smart to work with a career advisor before you start your job hunt or need an internship.

The most stylish people are the ones who make it look easy by putting in the effort to make it look easy. Choose to be fully prepared with everything you need to succeed by making your first (or next) career advising appointment as soon as you can.

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