Some of the best positions are created by the applicant. Spontaneous application is the term for reaching out to an employer or internship provider that does not have a job posted. Your outreach means you are more interested in the company than you are in filling an order. That says a lot about you. You are self-directed, creative, curious, collaborative, and courageous.

Can you go where perhaps no other candidate has ever gone before? People who are both smart and brave are the ones who can design and forge their own paths. Is that you? Then here’s how to take action.

Next Steps

  1. Do some serious research on what interests you. Consider the sectors that you are drawn to. Is that food sustainability, financial technology, leading-edge medical devices, virtual event management, home management systems, emergency services, child development, community building, or government relations? Browse through the fastest growing sectors here.
  2. Take some time to reflect on your personal traits and consider what occupation would actualize your authentic qualities. If you’ve taken the Myers-Briggs assessment, you may find some ideas here.
  3. Browse positions on LinkedIn or WayUp to see what positions (and job descriptions) currently exist that you can propose to an employer that is not currently advertising.
  4. Browse companies that seem promising by going to the Chapman LinkedIn page and click on the Alumni tab to see who the right person is to reach out to companies in the sectors that interest you.
  5. Request an informational conversation so you can ask the alum: a) about the company and what working there is like, and b) how to reach human resources or a specific manager in a department that fits with the kind of job or internship you would like to propose.
  6. Compose an email or cover letter that describes why you are reaching out to that company and individual – and how your skills and interests might lead to creating an internship or position.
  7. Send the email and put together a tracking document (like an Excel sheet) to manage your contacts. Plan to follow up with an email to see if you can set a brief informational interview to learn more about the company and whether they would consider the type of position that interests you.

Spontaneous application is not for everyone. But, if you are creative, self-motivated, and brave? This may be the best way for you to stand out and advocate for the career or career discovery path you really want to enjoy.