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Public Relations Intern Mallika Sinha's Experience as a Fashion PR Intern

October 2, 2021 by | Internships

I’m Mallika Sinha and I’m a junior Strategic and Corporate Communication Major and a Psychology Minor. Over Interterm 2021, I interned at a company called IHPR, which stands for In House Public Relations. It’s firm that specializes in fashion, jewelry, and lifestyle PR. As their mission statement expresses, they are a “creative communications & marketing

Interning With Fashion Retail During a Pandemic Mackenzie Maynard's Internship Experience at Marine Layer

September 29, 2021 by | Internships

Hey everyone! My name is Mackenzie Maynard and I am a senior here at Chapman. I was lucky enough to land my second internship with an amazing company called Marine Layer. Marine Layer is a retail store tailored to target individuals who embody their 7-day weekend lifestyle and who appreciate sustainable fabrics.  My primary responsibilities

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