We hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving, a holiday that is meant to be celebrated and enjoyed with loved ones! You may also still be enjoying the greatest gift of holiday meals, leftovers!

Though, we all know these delicious holiday meals can impact our well being if we are not mindful. The following article, written by Jenna Chandler, appeared in the OC Register and features calculations by Dr. Eric Sternlicht, Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences Associate Professor.

Read the full article here with caloric breakdowns of your favorite holiday dishes along with fun ways to work them off:


Warning: We might be about to ruin your Thanksgiving. Below, you’ll find the calorie counts for servings of stuffing, pumpkin pie, gravy and other favorite Turkey Day dishes, including the bird itself – and precisely how long you’ll need to climb stairs, jog and stand-up paddleboard to burn them off.

A few tips from Gail Frank, who teaches nutrition and dietetics at Cal State Long Beach: It’s better to squeeze in your workout today than to delay it until Friday. In the indulgent days leading up to New Year’s, keep your regular exercise pattern and consider amplifying it, possibly adding jump rope or an extra 30 minutes.

“If you took in 1,000 calories more than usual, if your activity pattern stays the same, you’ll be back at your normal weight,” she said. The exercise times were calculated by Eric Sternlicht, an associate professor in Chapman University’s department of kinesiology, and are for a 140-pound person.

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