What experiences as an undergrad were most valuable to you?

One valuable experience was being in Chapman Global Medical Brigades and traveling to Ghana in the summer of 2019. The experience opened my eyes to how barriers to primary health care can have life-altering consequences. Helping these patients manage their conditions strengthened my passion for providing quality care to the most vulnerable populations. Another valuable experience was making some of my closest friends at Chapman. My friends have motivated, supported, and inspired me during my time at Chapman and even in nursing school. I am forever grateful for these life-long friendships I made during my time at Chapman!

What made you decide your major was the right one for you?

The Health Sciences major was an excellent fit for me because it incorporates basic science, behavioral science, and health science into the curriculum. Not only was I able to study the subjects I loved, like anatomy and physiology, but I also had the opportunity to get my prerequisite classes done for nursing school!

Did you work closely with any faculty or staff?

Dr. Elaine Schwartz and Heidi Girolamo were the two individuals that guided and supported me throughout my time at Chapman. Dr. Schwartz always had an open door when I needed extra help with chemistry, and she also loved getting to know me personally. Heidi was always available to help me with resume building, finding internships, and prepping for nursing school.

Were you involved in research or any clubs?

I was involved as an undergraduate research assistant at the Brain Institute. I investigated whether or not directing covert attention will impact choices made in a deliberate decision-making context. I was also involved with the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship club, which helped me grow in my faith.

What nursing school program did you get accepted into?

University of San Francisco Master’s Entry – Master of Science in Nursing

What actions did you take as an undergrad to make you a strong applicant for nursing school?

I was a health scholar volunteer at Hoag Hospital, a patient experience intern at UCI Medical Center, and a home health aide. I also developed great relationships with the people who wrote me a letter of recommendation. In addition, I retook some of my prerequisite courses that I did not get an A in to make me a stronger candidate.

Thank you Nancy for sharing your story! We wish you success in all your future endeavors!