Dr. Dina EletrebyThe AERA experience in Vancouver, Canada was incredible!

This would be my 5th AERA Conference, and it was one of my favorites. The location was gorgeous – with the convention center right on the water and plenty of hotels, dining, and shopping within walking distance. These things are just icing on the cake, because the real treat is being surrounded by educators and educator researchers from around the country and from around the world!

Every topic within education is covered, and the only difficulty is deciding between sessions since there are thousands to choose from. I saw presenters on topics such as student identity (race, religion, and gender), impact of pop culture on second generation immigrants, the values of ethics and morality in school leadership – but the most thrilling experience is being a presenter along with my colleagues and professors from Chapman. Nothing is more satisfying than sharing my research with those who have aligned interests! Plus, it’s always nice to actually see and meet some of the ‘rock stars’ in education research such as Bill Pinar, Peter McLaren, and Christine Sleeter.

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