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Category Archives: California’s Water

Climate Change- California’s Water (101)

The Sierra Nevada mountain range lies almost entirely within the eastern portion of California. The Sierra are not only a source of breathtaking natural beauty like Yosemite Valley and Lake Tahoe, but its snow pack provides the majority of our state’s water supply. In the first installment of Huell’s new series “California’s Water,” not only  Continue Reading »

Flood Fight- California’s Water (103)

Huell visits Sacramento and Stockton area and looks at the efforts to fight flooding caused by the 2006 rains. 2006

Sacramento: San Joaquin Delta- California’s Water (102)

Located at the confluence of the Sacramento and the San Joaquin River, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is made up of wetlands marked by channels and an extensive system of levees. Huell visits this vital part of our state and learns that it is many things–a destination for boating and fishing, a vital habitat for migratory birds,  Continue Reading »

Storing Water- California’s Water (104)

Huell takes a look at the various ways that California stores its water and visits the resevoir at Shasta Dam.  2006

What’s New on the Colorado River- California’s Water (105)

Huell visits Calfornia’s most vital water resource, The Colorado River, and looks at efforts to conserve water along the 123 mile Coachella Canal, which provides water to farmers of the Imperial and Coachella Valleys.  2006

California’s Water System- California’s Water (110)

Huell looks at the unique and vast California water system, which sustains a semi arid state and the world’s fifth largest economy. We take an overall look at how water is collected and moved around our state to support communities, cities, farms and industries.  2006

Colorado River Special- California’s Water (3)

Huell traces the Colorado River from Hoover Dam to Southern California and learns about the many people who depend on its water. California is only one of seven western states with interests in the river. 2003