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Lopez-Hill House- California’s Gold (11015)

J.J. Lopez, the longtime manager of the Tejon Ranch who helped shape Kern County’s history, built his Victorian-style home in Bakersfield in 1909. In the 1960s, the home was occupied by Arlin and Lavern Hill, who migrated from Oklahoma after the devastating effects of the Dust Bowl. Now, this long-overlooked California landmark has finally been  Continue Reading »

Sharktooth Hill- California’s Gold (9012)

Huell visits a massive archaeological site with millions of fossils dating from the Miocene Epoch, 15 million years ago. Kern County was once at the bottom of a huge sea filled with massive prehistoric sharks called megladons which were as big as city busses and fed on whales. Sharktooth Hill is literally covered with fossilized  Continue Reading »

Noriega’s- California’s Gold (8005)

Huell’s off to Noriega’s Basque Restaurant in Bakersfield where he not only enjoys an amazing meal, but he is treated to wonderful stories about the Basque culture in the area. Call (661) 322-8419‎ 2006

Bakersfield- Road Trip with Huell Howser (112)

Bakersfield is Huell’s next Road Trip where he samples Basque food, visits a Tule Elk reserve and tours country music legend Buck Owen’s Crystal Palace. Tule Elk State Reserve Buttonwillow, CA 93206 Guild House 1905 18th St Bakersfield, CA 93301 Wool Growers Restaurant 620 East 19th Street Bakersfield, CA 93305 Kern County Museum 3801 Chester  Continue Reading »

Fort Tejon- Visiting (710)

You’ve passed it hundreds of times, high atop the grapevine on I-5, jokingly referred to as the most famous bathroom between LA and Bakersfield, it’s really an amazing place. Join Huell as he gets a living history lesson on the over 135 years of soldiers, goldminers, and other frontier folk.  1999

Camel and Bison- California’s Gold (709)

Huell goes in search of two animals found in our state today which aren’t supposed to be here. First, he travels to Catalina Island in search of historic buffalo – the descendants of fourteen which were brought over from the mainland for a silent movie shot in 1924. Next, Huell travels to Ft. Tejon State  Continue Reading »