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California Highways – Huell Howser Presents (03)

Huell Howser presents a 1936 film by the California Department of Highways. Huell presents the film from the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California.

Stan Betz- Visiting (905)

Have you ever wondered what happens to the countless cars that have been driven over cliffs, crushed, crashed and blown up in thousands of movies? Most of those cars were miniature cars that were built for the movies and believe it or not, there is a man who has a huge collection of these “movie”  Continue Reading »

Petersen Automotive Museum- Visiting (919)

Rock & Roll and cars have always gone hand in hand. Join Huell as he gets a behind the scenes tour of the Peterson Automotive Museums new exhibit Cars & Guitars of Rock ‘N Roll, which showcases some stunning cars owned by famous rock and rollers. Billy Gibbons from the band ZZ Top shows Huell  Continue Reading »

Garden Grove- Visiting (921)

There’s lots going on Friday nights in downtown Garden Grove. Huell strolls along Main Street admiring the many hot rods lined up for their weekly outing, and pops into the markets and restaurant that make this location such a popular, family-friendly destination for residents. 2001

Nethercutt Collection- Visiting (706)

Huell gets a tour of the incredible Nethercutt collection, a great hidden gem of our city. Over 100 classic cars, an amazing collection of vintage musical instruments, from a self playing banjo to the worlds first computerized pipe organ, and some of the finest French furniture and collectibles in the city. Open to the public  Continue Reading »

Low Riders-Visiting (201)

Huell spends the day at the Los Angeles Super Show, one of the largest low rider car shows in the world. We see some amazing cars and speak with the artists who created them as well as with their owners. 1994