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Sea Caves- California’s Gold (7010)

Huell travels out to Santa Cruz Island to explore its famous sea caves by kayak, and spends a day paddling way back into these sometimes very narrow and always very dark and wet caves. Paddle Sports of Santa Barbara 805-899-4925 Channel Islands National Park 805-658-5730  2005

Anacapa Island- California’s Golden Coast (105)

Anacapa Island, one of California’s Channel Islands, is located 14 miles off the coast from Ventura. From the ocean, Huell finds that ocean waves have eroded the perimeter of the island, creating steep sea cliffs towering hundreds of feet in height and exposing the volcanic origins of air pockets, lava tubes, and sea caves. Once  Continue Reading »

Santa Barbara Island- California’s Gold (508)

Huell travels to Santa Barbara Island, one of the eight Channel Islands, to learn about the history and nature of this beautiful place from its only human resident-a ranger. Huell actually walks the perimeter of this island to get a feel for this seldom seen part of the Golden State.  August 1994