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Tag Archives: Coachella Valley

Wind Power-California’s Green (132)

Huell gets a private bus tour of a wind farm in Southern California’s Coachella Valley. The “windmill tour” shows us the history, technology, and economic benefits of wind as a natural power source. 2010

What’s New on the Colorado River- California’s Water (105)

Huell visits Calfornia’s most vital water resource, The Colorado River, and looks at efforts to conserve water along the 123 mile Coachella Canal, which provides water to farmers of the Imperial and Coachella Valleys.  2006

Polo- Palm Springs Week (40)

A visit to the huge polo fields, which have made the Coachella Valley a polo center! 2002

Martha’s Village-Palm Springs Week (31)

At Martha’s Village and Kitchen, a dedicated corps of 50 staff and 300-plus volunteers tend to the needs of Coachella Valley residents. They serve 250,000 meals each year and provide clothing, emergency shelter and health care for children. Huell talks with staff as well as residents to learn the success story of Martha’s Village. 2002