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Community Gardens- Visiting (936)

Huell spends a day at the Solano Community Garden. This garden is managed by a wonderful cross section of the surrounding community, including school kids, recovering drug addicts, and just plain folks who love to garden. Not only is it a garden, but a farm that provides food to various organizations.  2001

Cambodian Community- Visiting (902)

Huell visits the huge Cambodian community in Long Beach; with a population of over 45,000, its more than any city in the world other than the Capitol of Cambodia. His tour teaches him about the culture, customs, art, music and Huell’s favorite — food.  2001

29 Palms Murals – Visiting (502)

Huell visits the desert community of 29 Palms and takes a very special tour of the seven historical murals commissioned by the Action Council for 29 Palms. 1996

Black Promenade of Prominance- Visiting (221)

Huell visits with members of the black community who believe the role models for today’s youth should be people from the local community and not just athletes and movie stars. 1994