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Warthog Update – Visiting (1708)

Huell Howser visits the Los Angeles Zoo where he gets an update on the warthogs he covered in his old Videolog series from 1983. Huell discovers that the Warthogs have been moved to a different zoo for breeding, but finds the opportunity to shed light on the importance of an endangered warthog species known as  Continue Reading »

Protected Beach- Huell’s Whale Adventure Special (2)

Episode #2 is a tour of a protected beach. It all took place in San Ignacio Lagoon halfway down the Baja Peninsula on the Pacific side. It’s here the mammoth gray whales come like clockwork each year to birth their calves. The winter migration down the coast from Alaska is a journey of more than  Continue Reading »

Anacapa Island- California’s Golden Coast (105)

Anacapa Island, one of California’s Channel Islands, is located 14 miles off the coast from Ventura. From the ocean, Huell finds that ocean waves have eroded the perimeter of the island, creating steep sea cliffs towering hundreds of feet in height and exposing the volcanic origins of air pockets, lava tubes, and sea caves. Once  Continue Reading »