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Headwaters Forest Reserve- California’s Gold (12003)

Join Huell as he gets a tour of this historic and controversial piece of land… all 7500 acres of it! Located way up north by the town of Eureka, Huell sees some of the rusting remnants of Falk, CA an old logging town, and walks among 1000 year old growth Redwoods, and learns about the  Continue Reading »

Salmon Fishing- California’s Gold (7008)

Huell learns about Native American fishing techniques on a trip to Eureka with members from the Yurok tribe at the mouth of the Klamath river.  2005

Scotia- California’s Gold (7002)

Huell travels to the Northern California logging town of Scotia about 20 miles south of Eureka. It’s a historic company town where Huell learns about how this unique community played a vital role in the history of the region and the development of modern forestry.  2005

Eureka- Road Trip (128)

Join Huell in Eureka, in the heart of California’s rugged North Coast where he enjoys natural beauty, a colorful history and lavish Victorian architecture. 2004

Fort Humboldt-California’s Golden Parks (120)

Huell travels to Eureka and the Civil War military post, Fort Humboldt. Ulysses S. Grant served there briefly in 1854. The details of his tenure, along with other important historical facts can be experienced at this state historic park set on a grassy bluff overlooking Humboldt Bay. 2004