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Cuban Music – Hot Summer Nights (01)

Huell Howser enjoys a night of of authentic Cuban music and culture at California Plaza in Downtown Los Angeles, California.

MacArthur Park – Our Neighborhoods (04)

Visit the historic Westlake District of Los Angeles with Huell Howser as he spends the afternoon in MacArthur Park exploring the many sidewalk vendors.

Monterey County- California’s Golden Fairs (110)

Huell visits the Monterey County Fair and learns why this area is known as the “Salad bowl of the world,” but this fair is not all about agriculture. There is plenty of good food, rides and even some wool spinners to entertain you. 2011

Food With History- Visiting (1312)

Join Huell on one of his favorite adventures, looking for good food. In this special, he not only samples delicious meals, but also learns the important history about Basque food and tamales. 2006

Asian Noodles- Visiting (1207)

Asian Noodles is a restaurant on the southern edge of Chinatown which calls its menu “Manila fusion.” Not only does Huell sample the wonderful food, but he is also treated to a fashion show outside hosted by one of the waiters (who is also a designer). Asian Noodles 643 N. Spring St. Los Angeles, CA  Continue Reading »

Trip to Town- Huell’s Whale Adventure Special (4)

Episode #4 is a one-hour tour of the local town. It all took place in San Ignacio Lagoon halfway down the Baja Peninsula on the Pacific side. It’s here the mammoth gray whales come like clockwork each year to have their calves. The winter migration down the coast from Alaska is a journey of more  Continue Reading »

Goat Restaurant- Visiting (1030)

Ever had goat meat while listening to jazz? Well follow Huell as he ventures up Glendale Blvd. and into a Haitian restaurant where every Saturday between three and six p.m., owner Tigeorges Lagueree prepares a goat delight for all those goat lovers in L.A. Tigeorges Chicken 309 N. Glendale Blvd. 213-353-9994 2003

Vietnamese New Year- Visiting (940)

Join Huell for a visit to Little Saigon on Tet, or Vietnamese New Year. Learn about traditional New Year’s food at an open air market and a tasty bakery.  2001

Spam- Visiting (737)

Yes Spam. The canned block of pork and ham you thought you had left behind in your childhood is as popular as ever. Join Huell as he attends the 1999 Los Angeles County Fairâs “Best Spam Recipe” contest where judging is based on taste appeal, appearance and originality. With recipes like Spam Taquitos, Spam Pate  Continue Reading »