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Big Fresno Fair — California’s Golden Fairs (111)

Huell visits the Big Fresno Fair and it really is a “big” fair, with over 165 acres of and 127 years in the making. Huell learns that the fairgrounds were once used as a Japanese internment camp and meets the great grand daughter of Pop Laval who shothundreds of photos of the early fairs.

Big Creek-California’s Gold (140)

Huell travels to the mountains above Fresno to tour “Big Creek”’ which was America’s first large-scale integrated hydroelectric project, begun in 1911. This massive engineering marvel consists of 23 generating units in nine powerhouses with a generating capacity of approximately 1,000 megawatts, and six major reservoirs with a storage capacity of more than 560,000 acre-feet.  Continue Reading »

Farm Water Growing More With Every Drop- California’s Water (117)

Agricultural water users have made dramatic strides in water use efficiency over the past two decades. Irrigation districts and farmers have adopted water use efficiency practices and technologies that compare favorably with those found anywhere in the world. Huell will start at the Water and Energy Technology (WET) Incubator at California State University, Fresno, which  Continue Reading »

Trout- California’s Gold (8012)

Huell travels to the high sierras on horseback to see how trout are dropped from an airplane into High Sierra Mountain lakes — a spectacular sight. At the San Joaquin Fish Hatchery near Fresno, we see how tiny rainbow trout are grown in preparation for “planting. Then it’s off to the Fresno airport to hitch  Continue Reading »

Warnors Theatre- California’s Gold (8008)

The Warnors Theatre, a Fresno landmark that opened in 1928, houses a pipe organ that is the only one of its kind in the world still performing inside its original theatre. After years of neglect, The future of the theatre was in jeopardy until Frank Caglia bought it in 1973 and returned it to its  Continue Reading »