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Wasco-California’s Gold (133)

The small town of Wasco in Kern County is famous for its roses. There’s nothing like acres and acres of rose bushes to stimulate the eyes and your nose. Huell gets a behind the scenes tour of how rose bushes are harvested, packaged and shipped to nurseries and home centers all over the country. He’ll  Continue Reading »

Sharktooth Hill- California’s Gold (9012)

Huell visits a massive archaeological site with millions of fossils dating from the Miocene Epoch, 15 million years ago. Kern County was once at the bottom of a huge sea filled with massive prehistoric sharks called megladons which were as big as city busses and fed on whales. Sharktooth Hill is literally covered with fossilized  Continue Reading »

Bakersfield- Road Trip with Huell Howser (112)

Bakersfield is Huell’s next Road Trip where he samples Basque food, visits a Tule Elk reserve and tours country music legend Buck Owen’s Crystal Palace. Tule Elk State Reserve Buttonwillow, CA 93206 Guild House 1905 18th St Bakersfield, CA 93301 Wool Growers Restaurant 620 East 19th Street Bakersfield, CA 93305 Kern County Museum 3801 Chester  Continue Reading »

Weedpatch- California’s Gold (601)

Huell learns that many “Okies” fled the Dust Bowl in their jalopies with signs reading “California or Bust.” Out of options, they often ended up at the “Weedpatch camp,” a federal labor and living camp for migrant workers in Kern County. Huell visits this historic camp, later immortalized in John Steinbeck’s “Grapes of Wrath,” and  Continue Reading »

Oil- California’s Gold (609)

Huell finds out how oil made Kern County great, visiting the vast Midway-Sunset Field which is the top oil-producing field in the lower 48 states and the West Kern Oil Museum in Taft, which has one of the last huge wooden derricks in existence. Huell’s last stop is the site of the Lakeview Gusher, which  Continue Reading »

One-Room Schoolhouse- Visiting (215)

Huell visits the small town of Woody in Kern County and joins a reunion of students who attended the one-room schoolhouse, Blake School. 1994

California Schools- California’s Gold (102)

There are literally countless success stories in our state’s public education system, and in this one-hour special, Huell visits four schools where all the elements for success – parents, teachers, students, administrators and the community – have come together to really make a difference. From one-room school houses to inner-city high schools, we get a  Continue Reading »