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Pizza – Visiting (1504)

Join Huell Howser as he begins his pizza adventure at the Village Pizzeria in Los Angeles, CA and heads to the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, NV. Huell Howser learns about the history of pizza and the process of making a pizza from scratch from pizzeria owner Steve Cohen. Then Huell joins Steve at  Continue Reading »

Children’s Hospital – Visiting (1218)

Huell Howser revisits the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital to highlight the nurses of the hospital and their work.

Produce Market – Visiting (416)

In this episode of Visiting with Huell Howser, Huell spends his morning at the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market where produce from all over the world are delivered for sale. *Note: The video has a slight audio delay.

Baseball – Hot Summer Nights (05)

In this episode of Hot Summer Nights, Huell Howser visits Montebello City Ball Park where he enjoys a baseball game presented by the Inner City Baseball League. Huell learns that the baseball league supports the children of inner city families by providing community and an afterschool program.

Leimert Park – Hot Summer Nights (04)

Join Huell Howser as he visits Leimert Park in Los Angeles, CA to explore the shops, art galleries, and the famous chess games.

Soccer – Hot Summer Nights (03)

Huell Howser visits the Los Angeles Coliseum in Exposition Park for two soccer matches. While viewing the two soccer matches, Huell Howser speaks with the various attendees and fans.

Vermont Avenue – Hot Summer Nights (02)

Huell Howser spends the summer evening driving down Vermont Ave. in Los Angeles, CA visiting various locations such as a church, taco stand, laundromat, butcher, and an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Echo Park – Our Neighborhoods (109)

In this episode of Our Neighborhoods, Huell Howser joins the Echo Park Historical Society and tours the many different old, historical houses in the neighborhood of Echo Park.

Central Avenue – Our Neighborhoods (14)

Join Huell Howser as he visits South Central Los Angeles and learns of the historical events that occurred on and near Central Avenue. Huell visits the famous Dunbar Hotel and visits with the African-American community.

Sawtelle – Our Neighborhoods (05)

Explore the historic Sawtelle Boulevard in West Los Angeles, California with Huell Howser. Sawtelle Boulevard was home to many Japanese-American shops and restaurants and remains a street of historical significance.