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Tustin and El Toro – Visiting (727)

Huell Howser continues his visit to MCAS Tustin and MCAS El Toro to say farewell before the Marine facilities closures. Huell’s previous visit to MCAS Tustin can be found here: MCAS Tustin – Visiting (722)

MCAS Tustin – Visiting (722)

In this episode, Huell Howser visits the Marine Corps. Air Station, Tustin, CA to bid farewell. Huell visits the military base to explore the two historical blimp hangars before the permanent closure of the station. This episode looks back Huell’s previous visit to the hangars in 1994 in his California’s Gold episode (here). Click the  Continue Reading »

Enlistment Ceremonies- Visiting (931)

Huell checks in at a Marine Corp’s to watch a group of young men sign up.  2001

MCAS El Toro- Visiting (723)

Huell says good-bye to another base that has been a part of the California landscape since World War II. MCAS El Toro has played a major role in Marine Corps aviation history and has been home to countless thousands of Marines and their families. There’s even a Taoist Bell. 1999 To purchase this episode, click  Continue Reading »