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S.S. Catalina – Visiting (736)

Huell Howser takes a trip to Ensenada, Mexico to visit the historic steam ship, S.S. Catalina. Often called the Great White Steamship, the S.S. Catalina was a ferry that transported over 24 million passengers from Catalina to Ensenada in its 50 year lifespan.

Tecate Train- California’s Gold (8011)

Host Huell Howser comes to San Diego County to visit the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum in Campo and takes a train ride to Tecate, Mexico.  Huell takes a tour of the Tecate beer factory and explores the charming and historical Plaza area in Tecate before returning on the train to San Diego. The expedition rambles  Continue Reading »

Glasses- California’s Green (111)

Huell’s off to Hermosillo, Mexico to see firsthand one of California’s most innovative and successful recycling efforts. What do you do with your old eyeglasses? Well, members of the Lions Club have an answer because for years they’ve been collecting and taking glasses to people around the world who need them. Huell goes along with  Continue Reading »