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MCAS Tustin – Visiting (722)

In this episode, Huell Howser visits the Marine Corps. Air Station, Tustin, CA to bid farewell. Huell visits the military base to explore the two historical blimp hangars before the permanent closure of the station. This episode looks back Huell’s previous visit to the hangars in 1994 in his California’s Gold episode (here). Click the  Continue Reading »

El Camino College – Visiting (513)

Huell Howser visits El Camino College for its 50th anniversary. El Camino College was originally a G.I. campus consisting of instructors and students who came to study after World War II. This episode includes old, black and white footage of the construction of the campus.

Fort Hunter Liggett- Road Trip with Huell Howser (147)

Huell visits Mission San Antonio, built in 1771, and William Randolph Hearst’s 1931 Hacienda Ranch House designed by architect Julia Morgan, among other places. Fort Hunter Liggett is a huge military facility of over 150,000 acres on a remote part of our state’s central coast. 2009

Boeing – California’s Gold (118)

Huell Howser visits the Boeing Company in Long Beach, California. Join Huell as he takes us on a tour of the facility where aircrafts are built by several skilled workers. Watch how a C-17 plane is built from start to finish and meet the team that assembles the aircraft together one piece at a time.