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Newberry Springs- Road Trip with Huell Howser (107)

After seeing a web site devoted to all the great cultural and historic sites to see along the original Route 66 in the Newberry Springs area, Huell prints out the map and hops in his car – eager to start his next ROAD TRIP. He doesn’t find the Buffalo Ranch, Big Al’s Pistachio Plant, or  Continue Reading »

Rocks in Water- California’s Gold (803)

California is full of them. They are located in both fresh and salt water. Some are big and some are small. And they’re all part of our state’s rich geological and human history. We’re talking about rocks in the water! And in this episode host Huell Howser visits three of the most fascinating of these rocks.  Continue Reading »

Dry Lake Bed- California’s Gold (708)

Huell visits a dry lake bed in the Mojave desert that is so hard and so gigantic that it is the site of Edwards Air Force Base and a landing strip for the Space Shuttle. In the 1920’s and 30’s it was also used by hot-rodders from all over Southern California as a speed trails  Continue Reading »

Under California- California’s Gold (509)

Join Huell and trace the lives of two men whose unique dreams in the early part of the century helped them to create two of our state’s most amazing buried treasures. First, we visit the Underground Gardens of Baldasare Forestiere and the incredible labyrinth of tunnels, courtyards and vines. Next, we visit the Burro Schmidt Tunnel,  Continue Reading »