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Monterey Trees- California’s Gold (5009)

Huell visits two trees in Monterey with interesting histories. In December, 1602 Sebastian Viscaino officially named Monterey in honor of the Viceroy of New Spain who had ordered his expedition. His band of 200 men gave thanks for their safe journey in a ceremony held under a large oak tree overlooking the bay which still  Continue Reading »

First Theaters- California’s Gold (2001)

On this adventure, Huell goes in search of California’s “First Theater.” As usual, nothing is simple in California because there are actually two first theaters. From Monterey to Sacramento we uncover California’s theater history. Huell starts his search in Monterey at “California’s First Theater”. An English sailor by the name of Jack Swan completed his  Continue Reading »

Kelp- California’s Gold (510)

Huell explores one of California’s biggest and most beautiful forests… one we never get to see- the incredible kelp forests off our coast. Travel with Huell from Monterey to San Diego to see how kelp grows, how it is harvested and how it finds its way into the common foods we eat. Monterey Bay Aquarium Monterey  Continue Reading »