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Redding- California’s Communities (104)

The small city of Redding in Northern California is a vibrant community that has embraced its rich history and also looked into to the future. From a new business park to a sculpture park that surrounds the new city hall, an historic art deco theater that has been lovingly restored to a revitalized downtown mall,  Continue Reading »

Historic Preservation- California’s Communities (101)

Our first episode takes us to the little town of Winters in Northern California to visit their recently restored and rejuvenated historic downtown and to see their pride and joy — their historic railroad trestle bridge right in the middle of town which has been not only restored, but is now a heavily used bike/pedestrian  Continue Reading »

Green Businesses-California’s Green (130)

In this green adventure, Huell travels to the small northern California town of Arcata to visit two businesses that use recycled material to create beautiful and functional art. First it’s off to Whit McLeod Furniture to see how a group of craftsman are turning old wine barrels into fine furniture. Using the Craftsman style of  Continue Reading »

Scotia- California’s Gold (7002)

Huell travels to the Northern California logging town of Scotia about 20 miles south of Eureka. It’s a historic company town where Huell learns about how this unique community played a vital role in the history of the region and the development of modern forestry.  2005

Bufano Peace Statue-California’s Golden Parks (126)

There’s nothing quite as exciting as uncovering a hidden treasure. And that’s exactly what Huell does when he visits one of our smallest and least-known state parks. Located on the rocky, windswept coast of Sonoma County in Northern California, this entire park is only 60 feet in circumference and goes over 100 feet in the  Continue Reading »

San Juan Bautista- California’s Gold (710)

A century ago, it was the hub of Northern California — a crossroads where over the years you would have encountered gentle Mutsune Indians, hard-working Franciscan padres, fierce outlaws and a host of other fascinating characters. Located just three miles off busy Highway 101 in San Benito County, today the town has somehow managed to  Continue Reading »