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FDR’s Boat — California’s Gold (15001)

Huell takes an inspirational voyage upon Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Presidential Yacht, the U.S.S. Potomac. Now stationed at Jack London Square in Oakland, the ship is operated by a staff of volunteers and is now open for public tours.

Alameda County Fair- California’s Golden Fairs (109)

Huell visits the Alameda County Fair which originated in 1859 in downtown Oakland as a Floral Fair. The first modern-day Fair in Pleasanton began in 1912, and has been held annually (with the exception of the war years) ever since. The Fair’s racetrackis the oldest one-mile horse racing track in America, dating back to 1858  Continue Reading »

California Schools- California’s Gold (102)

There are literally countless success stories in our state’s public education system, and in this one-hour special, Huell visits four schools where all the elements for success – parents, teachers, students, administrators and the community – have come together to really make a difference. From one-room school houses to inner-city high schools, we get a  Continue Reading »