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Zanja Mandre- Visiting (901)

When people think of water in Los Angeles, they think of William Mulholland and the movie CHINATOWN, but in this episode Huell literally uncovers the very first irrigation ditch in Los Angeles. Started in 1781 and in use till the early 1900’s, Huell meets up with a couple of amateur archaeologists who have uncovered a  Continue Reading »

Statues- Visiting (522)

Huell takes a tour of some of the oldest, quirkiest, most loved, and hated statues in Los Angeles. Join us and learn about some of our most overlooked treasures.  1997

Olvera Street Food- Visiting (518)

Huell goes to six different restaurants in L.A. for KCET’s June pledge drive. Try ’em: Olvera St. Juanita’s (213) 628-1013 and La Luz Del Dia (213) 628-7495  1997

Olvera Street- Visiting (220)

Huell Gets a first rate tour of Olvera St. and learns about its long and amazing history. 1994