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Pastrami – Visiting (1809)

In this episode of Visiting, Huell Howser visits restaurants famous for their pastrami.

Tallyrand – Visiting (1718)

Driving through Burbank, CA, Huell Howser discovered the Tallyrand restaurant by random chance. When he dropped in for lunch, he discovered a family run restaurant where the employees and customers make you feel like family. In this episode of Visiting, Huell visits the Tallyrand in a more formal manner to learn of its history and  Continue Reading »

Palm Springs People – Palm Springs Week (29)

In this episode of Palm Springs Week, Huell Howser visits with the people of Palm Springs. Huell visits the Bit of Country restaurant, Builders Supply hardware store, Desert Car Wash, and Jensen’s market.

Palm Springs Plaza – Palm Springs Week (13)

Join Huell Howser as he visits the Palm Springs Plaza and learns about its history and significance as the first self-contained shopping center in Southern California. Notable locations Huell Howser visits are Tyler’s restaurant and Desmond’s department store.

Atwater Village – Our Neighborhoods (01)

Join Huell Howser as he spends an afternoon in Atwater Village visiting its restaurants, markets, homes, and most importantly its people.

Goat Restaurant- Visiting (1030)

Ever had goat meat while listening to jazz? Well follow Huell as he ventures up Glendale Blvd. and into a Haitian restaurant where every Saturday between three and six p.m., owner Tigeorges Lagueree prepares a goat delight for all those goat lovers in L.A. Tigeorges Chicken 309 N. Glendale Blvd. 213-353-9994 2003

Coastal Cactus Garden- Visiting (1021)

Tucked away behind the Hamlet at Moonstone Gardens Restaurant in Cambria, is an expansive cactus garden. Join Huell as he strolls through this Central Coast gem filled with indigenous and exotic plants. The Hamlet at Moonstone Gardens Restaurant 805-927-3535 2002

Healthy Food- Visiting (924)

Huell visits Nature’s Express in Palm Springs.

Bangladesh- Visiting (627)

When one of Huell’s friends told him that he was from Bangladesh and that there was a large community of people from Bangladesh living in Los Angeles, Huell just had to take a look. They ended up at a restaurant call Jafran which is a hub for people to hang out, eat good food and  Continue Reading »