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Cape Mendocino Lighthouse- California’s Gold (12007)

Join Huell as he travels to the western-most point in California in search of the Cape Mendocino Lighthouse which was activated in 1868 and finally abandoned in the 1970’s. After over 20 years of neglect a group of locals banded together to move the light house to Shelter Cove and restore the lighthouse to its  Continue Reading »

Egyptian Theater- Visiting (712)

What a difference three years makes. This great old Hollywood theater is back, and better than ever. The American Cinematheque has restored this theater to a state of the art venue, while saving the historic beauty of Hollywood’s first movie palace.  1999

Gardena Art- Visiting (726)

Beginning in 1919, the graduating classes of Gardena High School bestowed gifts of paintings upon their beloved school. This program lasted until 1956, and amassed more than 90 works. Soon after the program ended, many of the paintings were stored away and forgotten about. Along with several Gardena High School Alumni, Huell visits the Irvine  Continue Reading »

Park Plaza- Visiting (720)

This great old building was built in the mid 1920’s as the new home of The Elks Club, and they spared no expense. Today it is undergoing a restoration to become a new hotel. The former Exalted Ruler of the Elks gives Huell and Luis a grand ol’ tour down memory lane. 1999

Statues- Visiting (522)

Huell takes a tour of some of the oldest, quirkiest, most loved, and hated statues in Los Angeles. Join us and learn about some of our most overlooked treasures.  1997

Lane Victory- Visiting (406)

Huell spends the day on the W.W.II victory ship the Lane Victory. A wonderful group of volunteers has restored this ship and Huell gets to go along on an actual cruise.  1996