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Jazz Special – California’s Gold (307)

Join Huell Howser as he spends a day in Sacramento, California for the Jazz Jubilee.

Delta Ecotours-California’s Gold (136)

Huell’s been driving through the Delta area for 20 years and finally decided to take a cruise aboard the Tule Queen to explore the enchanting and diverse environment of the Sacramento – San Joaquin Delta by boat. We’ll learn about the rich natural and human history of this important region and see some amazing sights.  Continue Reading »

Gold Rush Medicine- California’s Gold (10005)

It wasn’t always pretty, and it didn’t always work, but the “doctors” of the Gold Rush did the best they could to take care of the throngs of immigrants who came to California in search of fame and fortune. Sacramento’s Sutter’s Fort is the backdrop of this adventure. Huell hears the story of how the  Continue Reading »

Protecting Against Floods- California’s Water (112)

There are few natural disasters worse than a devastating flood. This segment takes viewers to flood control facilities and discusses both the importance and inherent difficulty of controlling floods in California.  2007

Hidden Treasures of Sutter’s Fort- California’s Golden Parks (154)

Sometimes you need to look under the surface to find the real treasures at a state park. Huell travels to Sacramento to Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park to get a behind the scenes look at some of the gems that are stashed away in the parks large archive. From Native American artifacts to a doll  Continue Reading »

Flood Fight- California’s Water (103)

Huell visits Sacramento and Stockton area and looks at the efforts to fight flooding caused by the 2006 rains. 2006

American River Parkway- California’s Golden Parks (136)

Huell sets off from where the Sacramento and American River meet on a bike ride along the beautiful 23-mile American River Parkway. County of Sacramento Department of Regional Parks Recreation and Open Space 3711 Branch Center Rd. Sacramento, CA 95827 916-875-6961 American River Parkway Foundation P.O. Box 188437 Sacramento, CA 95818 916-456-7423 2005

Fuel Cell Partnership-California’s Green (120)

Huell’s off to Sacramento to the California Fuel Cell Partnership headquarters. This organization is a unique collaborative of auto manufacturers, energy companies, fuel cell technology companies, and government agencies working toward a sustainable energy future, increasing energy efficiency and reducing or eliminating air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. 2005

Hops- California’s Gold (7004)

Huell travels to the little farming community of Sloughhouse near Sacramento. Once there he meets up with George Signorotti, owner of the last family-owned hops farm in the sate, and witnesses firsthand the harvesting and baling of hops, which was once a huge crop in California.  2005

Sutter’s Fort-California’s Golden Parks (107)

Huell Howser travels to Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park in midtown Sacramento. The Park marks the 1839 settlement that would become our state’s capital, and play a major role in California history when gold was discovered nearby in 1848. Call 916-445-4422 2002