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Living With Nature- California’s Water (119)

This adventure begins along Butte Creek in the northern Sacramento Valley, just north of Sacramento, where four dams were removed to improve passage for endangered salmon and other fish Next we’ll learn about the Quagga mussels, which have spread to several reservoirs in California by hitchhiking on boats, can clog pipes and water intakes and  Continue Reading »

Salmon Festival- California’s Golden Parks (151)

Huell attends the annual Return of the Salmon Festival in Shasta County to see huge numbers of fall Chinook Salmon coming up river to spawn. Coleman Fish Hatchery 24411 Coleman Fish Hatchery Road Anderson, CA 96007 2007

Sacramento Valley- Working Together- California’s Water (109)

Huell visits the Sacramento Valley area and hears all about the collaborative partnerships that are underway to address the rural and metropolitan water needs of Californians, while protecting the environment.  2006