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Desertopia – Huell Howser Presents (01)

Huell Howser presents a USC student documentary by Meri Pritchett. The film documents the Salton Sea and the people who live there.

Salton Sea- Visiting (705)

Huell travels to one of the most bizarre and wonderful beaches in California as he spends the day at “Bombay Beach”. Located on the Salton Sea, he tours the town and talks with the locals about the community and the inland sea that was created in 1905 by a flooding of the Colorado River. 1999

Slab City- California’s Gold (806)

The California desert has always been a place filled with mystery … and surprises! When you travel through our desert you’re never sure what you’re gonna see, who you’re gonna meet, or what strange and wonderful experiences you’re gonna have. Huell Howser discovered that first hand on a recent trip to the Salton Sea community  Continue Reading »