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Point Fermin Lighthouse Lens- California’s Gold (11005)

There is a reason that those old lighthouses could send a beam of light for many miles out to see. Most lighthouses used a Fresnel lens, which looks like a beehive made of glass. These lenses are works of art and the one that graced the tower at Point Fermin Lighthouse is no exception. In  Continue Reading »

Constitution Day- Visiting (929)

Huell travels to San Pedro on September 17 to take part in the local Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Day celebration.  2001

Dry Dock- Visiting (744)

Have you ever wondered how you clean and paint the bottom of an ocean going tanker or cruise ship? In this episode, Huell visits Southwest Marine which is one of the huge dry-docks in San Pedro. In the first part of the show, Huell walks into the dry-dock while it is dry, which is an  Continue Reading »

Maritime Museum- Visiting (308)

Huell takes a look at this wonderful museum in San Pedro, filled with Southern California maritime history.  1995

San Pedro Rock House- Visiting (214)

Huell gets a first hand look at the Korean Bell and a wonderful home in San Pedro. We’ll also take a look at the beautiful Pt. Fermin Lighthouse. 1994

San Pedro Birthday Party- Visiting (123)

Spend the day with the family and friends of Eddie Lowe as they celebrate his 85th birthday. Eddie, a retired longshoreman, is an accomplished banjo player who has been the mentor to many musicians who love mountain music. They come from all over to jam with this San Pedro legend.  1993