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Wind Power-California’s Green (132)

Huell gets a private bus tour of a wind farm in Southern California’s Coachella Valley. The “windmill tour” shows us the history, technology, and economic benefits of wind as a natural power source. 2010

Car Crusher-California’s Green (102)

Huell shows us the massive equipment used to crush old cars. It’s an important step in recycling the 450,000 vehicles taken off the road In Southern California each year. 2004

Big Bear- Road Trip (123)

Join Huell as he a spends a few days discovering the many wonderful things to do in the Southern California mountain town of Big Bear. We’ll visit the Big Bear Discovery Center and take a canoe trip on the lake. Huell travels to Butler Peak Lookout Tower for a magnificent view of the San Bernardino  Continue Reading »

Remembering- Visiting (405)

Huell remembers two very special people who made a big difference in the lives of many Southern Californian’s. David Falconer was the Choir Master at St. James Church and also responsible for restoring the church organ. David was tragically killed in an armed robbery. Ethel Sherard A.K.A. the scrabble lady, was one of our favorite  Continue Reading »

Dry Lake Bed- California’s Gold (708)

Huell visits a dry lake bed in the Mojave desert that is so hard and so gigantic that it is the site of Edwards Air Force Base and a landing strip for the Space Shuttle. In the 1920’s and 30’s it was also used by hot-rodders from all over Southern California as a speed trails  Continue Reading »

USS Antietam- Visiting (327)

Huell spends a day with the Commanding Officer and crew of the USS Antietam, a 567 foot Navy Cruiser, while they train off the coast of Southern California.  1995

Lennox Branch Library- Visiting (323)

Huell visits a small Southern California branch library called the Lennox Branch Library.  1995

Snow Show- Visiting (312)

Huell treks to Mammoth Lakes with the Dept. of Water and Power to look at the immense snow pack and how it relates to Southern California’s water supply.  1995

Maritime Museum- Visiting (308)

Huell takes a look at this wonderful museum in San Pedro, filled with Southern California maritime history.  1995

Earthquake Volunteers- Visiting (207)

Huell spends the day in Northridge with the City Volunteers. Paul Petersen, safety engineer, acts as Huell’s guide on this inspiring visit. Find out why people volunteer and how this disaster has brought out the best in Southern California. 1994