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National Special – California’s Gold (105)

Huell Howser spends this episode travelling to beautiful, natural locations in California along highway 395. Locations of note include the California Poppy Preserve, Big Pine, Yosemite, and Mono Lake. *Note: Due to the age of the original film, a color error is present in the middle of the episode*

Aircraft Carriers-California’s Gold (134)

California has a rich maritime history and has been at the forefront of naval warfare since the beginning. In this special one-hour adventure, Huell visits two aircraft carriers that are now museums in the waters of California.First it’s off to San Diego to visit the USS Midway, which has steamed through a 47-year career of  Continue Reading »

Nascar- Visiting (1318)

Huell visits the California Speedway and learns all about NASCAR in this one hour special.  2006

Tejon Ranch- California’s Gold (129)

Special one hour show all about the 270,000 acre Tejon Ranch. Huell sees the diverse beauty of this enormous ranch and and learns about its rich history. 2006

September 11th Special- Visiting (932)

Join Huell as he discusses how the terrorist acts of September 11th brought the country together. He revisits the Red Cross blood donation center on Vermont as over 200 residents show their country support by donating blood. 2001

Mars Rocks- Visiting (525)

For more than a decade John thought he had a real special rock, but no one cared, until he sent a letter to Huell. Could it be from Mars? Join Huell as he tries to solve the mystery.  1997