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Red Cart Tunnel – Our Neighborhoods (12)

Huell Howser visits the Crown Hill neighborhood of Los Angeles and learns of the history of the old Los Angeles subway (red cart) trains as well as the present community and activities in the neighborhood.

Barns- California’s Gold (5012)

Before Disneyland, Walt Disney’s enthusiasm for realistic model trains had evolved into an elaborate backyard live steam railroad. At the heart of his railroad was a quaint red barn, which was his center of operations. Now at home in Griffith Park in Los Angeles, the barn is a gem in the collection of the Los  Continue Reading »

Fillmore- Road Trip with Huell Howser (102)

Join Huell’s second Road Trip to Route 126, as he explores the quiet and quaint towns of Piru and Fillmore. Along the way Huell stops by a great roadside produce stand, the Fillmore Fish Hatchery, La Fondita Mexican Restaurant & Bakery, the Fillmore Insectary*, and takes a ride through the countryside on the Fillmore &  Continue Reading »

Sinatra’s House- California’s Gold (108)

In this one hour special, Huell visits the private home of Frank Sinatra in Rancho Mirage. Rarely open to the public, Huell gets a personal tour of Frank Sinatra’s Palm Springs private house. Huell’s guide is Frankie Randall, a life-long friend of the Sinatras. He played this song: “Can’t Believe That It’s All Over”. The  Continue Reading »