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Golden Knights- California’s Gold (11010)

Huell has the adventure of a lifetime, skydiving with the world-famous U.S. Army Golden Knights.    2009

Nike Missile Site- California’s Golden Parks (159)

During the tense years from 1953 to 1979, the United States Army built and operated a total of 280 Nike missile-firing batteries in the United States. These missile sites were placed as the last line of defense against Soviet bombers. Today, a dedicated group of volunteers works in partnership with the Golden Gate National Recreation  Continue Reading »

Camel and Bison- California’s Gold (709)

Huell goes in search of two animals found in our state today which aren’t supposed to be here. First, he travels to Catalina Island in search of historic buffalo – the descendants of fourteen which were brought over from the mainland for a silent movie shot in 1924. Next, Huell travels to Ft. Tejon State  Continue Reading »