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Desertopia – Huell Howser Presents (01)

Huell Howser presents a USC student documentary by Meri Pritchett. The film documents the Salton Sea and the people who live there.

Diabetes- Visiting (1308)

Huell doesn’t have to travel far to find the most compelling and groundbreaking information available about obesity and diabetes in children for his new one-hour special. Dr. Francine R. Kaufman, author of “Diabesity: The Obesity-Diabetes Epidemic That Threatens America–And What We Must Do to Stop It” is the head of the Center for Diabetes at  Continue Reading »

Traveler- California’s Gold (126)

He’s a USC icon and is definitely one of the most famous and beloved horses in the world! A beautiful white horse whose story has become the stuff of legends. We’re referring, of course, to Traveler. And in this program we not only see him in action, but spend some time with him during his  Continue Reading »

Figueroa Corridor- Road Trip with Huell Howser (103)

Instead of hitting the open road, Huell takes a more urban Road Trip exploring Figueroa Street in Los Angeles. Huell starts his day with a hearty breakfast at the Pantry, a downtown Los Angeles icon. He moves on to two churches built in breathtaking architectural styles which also have deep roots in the surrounding community.  Continue Reading »